[Bridge] vlan and bond integration in bridge

Boris Dores babal at via.ecp.fr
Thu Jan 8 04:45:25 PST 2009

On Thu, Jan 08, 2009 at 06:13:07PM (GMT+0800), Lv Zheng wrote:
> >+---------------------------+-----------------+
> >|          br0              |      br1        |
> >+------------------+--------+--------+--------+
> >| bond0            | eth2   | eth3   | eth4   |
> >+---------+--------+        |        |        |
> >| eth0    | eth1   |        |        |        |
> >+---------+--------+--------+--------+--------+
> >
> > without the VLAN layer, otherwise packets will be tagged.
> Do you mean BPDU will also be tagged and no longer a BPDU
> on the wire?

  Well, I'm not sure about BPDU packets, although I don't see why they
would be treated differently (but someone else on this list must have a
definite answer).

  I was talking about regular data packets. Usually, when refering to
"port based" VLAN, we mean that the host (or the hosts) connected to
that port has no knowledge whatsoever of what a VLAN is.

  If (and only if) this is what you want, then br0 should be directly
connected to the physical port (bond or eth), and not on top of a vlan
layer which will filter out untagged incoming packets, and tag outgoing

Boris Dorès

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