[Bridge] Network with some switches without STP/RSTP support

Benny Amorsen benny+usenet at amorsen.dk
Sat Jan 10 16:11:13 PST 2009

"Antonio Di Bacco" <a.dibacco at gmail.com> writes:

> Does the RSTP will manage to resolve the loop (open the ring)? Will I
> manage to reach anyway the PC?

If you have connections A <=> B, B <=> C, C <=> A then you'll have to
be very careful with your configuration if you want to ensure that the
link B <=> C isn't picked as the one to block. I would strongly
recommend that you don't make a topology that only works if certain
links are never blocked.

The best way to have that level of control is to disable spanning tree
and do the blocking/unblocking manually.


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