[Bridge] Is bridging possible if two devices connected peer to peer ?

Praveen VS praveen at spacomp.com
Thu Mar 19 05:32:26 PDT 2009

In one of our project we need to connect one IMX 27 based baord which ahs a internal FEC controller & an MPC 8323RDb baord which has a Built in Network controller.
We need to connect the IMX27 based board to MPC board thro cross cable & MPC baord has wlan AP card . 

Basically we want to communicate from IMX27 to wireless network. Hence we are planning to make follwoing arranage ment as given in the attached ppt &  we use bridge as per this site

If we use external network controller we can acheive teh communication as desired by bridging ra0 ( wlan ) & eth0 on MPC baord . BUt if we use IMX27 internal FEC controller we are unable to acheive the communication by bridging the eth0 & ra0 on MPC baord. 

Anything setting to be done on the IMX 27 board? ( kernel configs, or specofoc protocol related configs?) 

If we don't do teh bridging on the MPC side, we can communicate directly from IMX27 to MPC thor cross connection ( without bridging)

Can we get some inputs? has anybody tried similarly earlier ?

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