[Bridge] [PATCH] rstp compiling under gcc 4.3.3 fixes

Abhishek Mathur abhishek_mathur at hcl.in
Sun Mar 29 22:09:38 PDT 2009

Can anybody just send me any diagrammatic representation of the code flow of "rstpd" source code which is an updated version of "rstplib". It will help me a lot to get into the depth of understanding the code  ??
Kindly also list some imporatnt differences/updations in "rstpd" as compared to "rstplib"?? 

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Subject: [Bridge] [PATCH] rstp compiling under gcc 4.3.3 fixes

After fetching current git code and compiling with gcc 4.3.3 got errors
Here is fix, so rstp compile fine with gcc 4.3.3

bridge_track.c and main.c have functions where is return value not checked.
 Because of -Werror it won't compile.
gcc -Wall -Werror -O2 -g -D_REENTRANT -D__LINUX__ -DVERSION=0.16 -DBUILD=1 -I. -I./include -I./rstplib   -c -o 
main.o main.c
cc1: warnings being treated as errors
main.c: In function 'main':
main.c:81: error: ignoring return value of 'daemon', declared with attribute 

Other fix is missing header file
gcc -Wall -O2 -g -D_REENTRANT -D__LINUX__ -DVERSION=0.16 -DBUILD=1 -I. -I./include -I./rstplib   -c -o 
netif_utils.o netif_utils.c
netif_utils.c: In function 'get_bridge_portno':
netif_utils.c:130: error: 'INT_MAX' undeclared (first use in this function)
netif_utils.c:130: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
netif_utils.c:130: error: for each function it appears in.)

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