[Bridge] [PATCH] bonding: allow bond in mode balance-alb to work properly in bridge -try4

Patrick McHardy kaber at trash.net
Mon Mar 30 05:47:59 PDT 2009

Jiri Pirko wrote:
> Currently I'm thinking the way. What I have on mind:
> I would like to add a list into struct net_device to contain all mac addresses
> of the device. I would also like to use similar interface to handle them as
> currently is for uc_list and mc_list. However I do not like that these lists are
> not using standard list_head but they are propriate lists only for this purpose.
> I'm thinking about converting them to use list_head first. Or maybe ignore them
> and do the new list for macs in parallel?

Using list_heads in the address lists would require some pretty large
amount of work since you'd need to convert all the drivers. I'm all
in favour of doing this, but I wouldn't make the fix depend on that

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