[Bridge] Re :Re: ebtables, PF_PACKET and other stuff

Jean-Michel Hautbois jhautbois at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 03:35:36 PST 2010

Hi there, and my best wishes for this new year !

>> Mmh, ok, but from the userspace point of view, how can I get them ? A
> See http://ebtables.sourceforge.net/examples/basic.html#ex_ulog
> cheers,
> Bart

Thanks for your reply, but it is not exactly what I am looking for...
I have two rules, that enable the bridging between two of my
interfaces. When I receive IP or VLAN, these packets are droped by the
broute table.
I tried to add the rule :
ebtables -A FORWARD --ulog-nlgroup 5 -j DROP

But it seems  to send me all packets, when I am listening with a
netlink socket...
I have for example an interface connected the internet, that receives
packets, and these packets are received by my netlink socket...
I think I have to tell the Forward rule that I only want the packets
from my eth2 interface (which is the one where I receive my VLAN
packets) ?

Thanks again.
Best Regards,

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