[Bridge] Re :Re: Bridging LACP (802.3ad) frames not working

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Tue Jan 12 07:28:53 PST 2010

Hi Ross,

Le 12 janv. 2010 16:23, Ross Vandegrift <ross at kallisti.us> a écrit :
> You can't bridge LACP - it doesn't even make sense. LACP bundles must

> be between adjacent devices. Moreover, LACPDUs are destined for a

> bridge-management address that is prohibited from being bridged by

> 802.1D.

OK, I agree, it doesn't make sense, but I want to be transparent using  
bridging. I can't explain my idea :).

> What are you trying to accomplish? If you want to transparently

> bridge with LACP channels, you should terminate the LACP bundles on

> the Linux box and bridge the bundles:

> eth0 \ / eth2

> bond0 ----- br0 ---- bond1

> eth1 / \ eth3

You mean I need to have four physical interfaces ?
I can't understand how too accomplish this.
Currently, I am doing :
brctl addif eth1
brctl addif eth2

> And then cable eth0/eth1 to one device and eth2/eth3 to the other.
How ?

Thanks !
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