[Bridge] dhcp thru bridge

Bart De Schuymer bdschuym at pandora.be
Sat Jan 16 03:55:52 PST 2010

Leo Liang schreef:
> Hi list,
>         i'm trying to setup a bridge on my Linux box, the situation is like
> below,
>         windows pc< -----------> eth0 [linux box] eth1
> <--------------------->DHCP server
>         i create a bridge on linux with eth0 and eth1 and i can get ip
> address from DHCP server for bridge
>         but i can't get ip address on my windows pc which connect to eth0 of
> Linux from DHCP server,
>         sorry for my poor network knowledge, i've been google around but
> cannot find the solution,
>         can any one give me some advice?
Your bridge is probably not up, try 'ifconfig br0 up'. If that doesn't
do it, post the commands you use to set up the bridge.


Bart De Schuymer

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