[Bridge] [ebtables]Explanation of the packet flow...

Jean-Michel Hautbois jhautbois at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 09:26:21 PST 2010

>> Well, when a bridge is between two interfaces, this is quite the same
>> than saying it is forwarded from one to the other, in my point of
>> view. No ?
> The bridge indeed forwards the packets, not ebtables. You don't need
> ebtables for that unless you want to filter the traffic.

Well, let's take my example.
I have a bridge between eth0 and eth1. This bridge is stp disabled,
and the ebtables filter table accepts input, forward and output.

I didn't specify any filtering rule.
When I send a packet (LACP for me), it is not going from one eth to the other.
I have to say, explicitly, that the packet with ethertype 0x8809 are
accepted in "forward".

This is why I have some difficulties understanding the packetFlow,
because, depending on the protocol, the behaviour doesn't seem to be
the same...


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