[Bridge] Re :Re: Re :Re: Re :Re: Bridging LACP (802.3ad) frames not working

yavetskiy at kpi.ua yavetskiy at kpi.ua
Tue Jan 19 11:44:51 PST 2010


I have the same problem with bridging 802.3ad frames.

But rules:
ebtables -A INPUT -p 0x8809 -j ACCEPT
ebtables -A FORWARD -p 0x8809 -j ACCEPT
are not enough to solve this problem, it still doesn't work for me.
I have vanila kernel 2.6.32 with no patches, Debian squeeze, eth1 and  
eth2 interfaces in bridge with stp disabled.
Maybe I've missed something? Do you have any ideas?
Thank you.

Yavetkiy Yuriy

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