[Bridge] linux bridge problem

Metuki Sabhe sabhe.metuki at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 06:41:40 PST 2010

CC'ing netdev too:


 When I add interfaces to the bridge *after* I have "tcpdump -n -i br0"
 running on the bridge,
 my tcpdump don't see any communication. If I kill tcpdump and
 re-execute it *after* I added
 the interface to the bridge, it works just fine.

 The same behavior happens with my DHCP server (which listens only on
 my bridge interface);
 I need to re-execute (reset) it after I add the interface to the bridge.

 Is that normal ?

 Why does it happen ?

 What should I do ?

 It's a little awkward to reset my DHCP server every time I add a new
 interface to the bridge..


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