[Bridge] Bridge between switch and router + VLAN issue

krunal patel krunal.raj at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 01:16:31 PDT 2010


There is one setup i am not able to complete.

I am putting bridge between a VLAN aware switch and a router with VLAN's.

All hosts are behind VLAN switch and their gateway is router.
All works well when there are no VLANs.


When VLAN tags are added and passed to bridge, for forwarded traffic
it works well.

Now, if i want to do transparent proxy i have to create vlan devices
for eth0, eth1 and add them to bridge


Problem here is, on one side of bridge router is there which gives
same mac for different tagged and untagged traffic. So bridge only
learns one mac. So some tagged frame entered into bridge and if we do
transparent proxy on it. Frames generated by proxy to router goes
untagged or with different tag.
To do proxy and handle vlan tag i have to add vlan interfaces into
same bridge but vlan tags are not same.


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