[Bridge] 2.6.36-rc7: net/bridge causes temporary network I/O lockups [2]

Herbert Xu herbert at gondor.hengli.com.au
Thu Oct 21 16:07:24 PDT 2010

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 12:18:38AM +0200, Patrick Ringl wrote:
> sorry for the late response. I've been using your patch on 2.6.36 and  
> unfortunately, the bogus ipv6 packet is not the cause of the lockups. I  
> have attached two packet dumps (br0 and eth1) again.

OK I see, I had thought that your whole system locked up for
20-30 seconds but it was only the external network responses
that stopped.

I think the problem is your switch.  It appears to purge our
port entry when it receives our general query.

So to work around this, I suggest that you disable the startup
queries through the parameter multicast_startup_query_count.
You can do this either through sysfs or a sufficiently recent
brctl command.

BTW, what brand/model is your switch? If this problem is common
enough then we may have to disable general queries by default.

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