[Bridge] Transparent wired/wirless bridge: is it possible?

Mauro Condarelli mc5686 at mclink.it
Tue Oct 26 02:24:17 PDT 2010

I read a lot on the Internet, but didn't find quite what I need.
I'm not even sure it's possible.

I have a machine with ethernet access and wireless card (in master mode).
Both are running ok under ubuntu maverick.
I also have a separate firewall (wired) acting as DHCP server for my 
whole home network.
I would like to bind the two interfaces together with no translation (no 
NAT, SNAT, masquerading, ...) so that the machines connecting to the 
wireless lan can get their address from the firewall and access the 

Is this possible with bridging?
If so: can someone point me to the right documentation?


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