[Bridge] DHCP problem on bridge

Kian Yang Liew liewkianyang at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 09:31:11 PDT 2010

Dear All,

I have a network with 500 vlan and I bind all these 500 vlan into 1 bridge
interface. Then I have run a dhcp server on this bridge interface to provide
dhcp to all the computer in the vlan. It look find all the time, but
sometime, some of the computer on vlan will not able to get the ip from dhcp
server but after I remove the vlan and add back to the bridge it will work
again. The most serious case is sometime there will be a dhcp problem on
vlan 1 as well, and I need to reboot the server only can make the service
back to normal.

The setting is as below

Vconfig add eth1 2

Vconfig add eth1 3






.vconfig add eth1 500

Then ifconfig eth1.2 up …. Ifconfig eth1.500 up

Then brctl addbr br1, brctl addif br1 eth1.2 ……. Brctl addif br1 eth1.500

Does anyone have face this problem before? Your reply is highly appreciate.

Thank you.


Kian Yang, Liew
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