[Bridge] [PATCH 0/4] Part 1: unify return value of .ndo_set_mac_address if address is invalid

David Miller davem at davemloft.net
Thu Feb 23 22:12:01 UTC 2012

From: Danny Kukawka <danny.kukawka at bisect.de>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 13:07:48 +0100

> Here a series of patches to unifiy the return value of 
> .ndo_set_mac_address if the given address isn't valid. 
> Return -EADDRNOTAVAIL as eth_mac_addr() and other 
> .ndo_set_mac_address functions already do if is_valid_ether_addr() 
> fails.
> Other patches will follow if this set gets accepted.

All applied to net-next, thanks.

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