[Bridge] Problem regarding TRILL encapsulated packets

Syed Muhammad Mohsin Kazmi 08beesmmkazmi at seecs.edu.pk
Mon Feb 27 14:12:42 UTC 2012

hi all,
       I have written a code which encapsulates the bridge forwarding
traffic with TRILL header for OTHERHOST and OUTGOING and send it by calling
a function (forward) in linux bridging module.
On the other side, these packets are received by (br_handle_frames), where
i call a function (decapsulate_trill_header) within a check ethernet_type
== 0x88c8 (as this is ether_type for trill protocol). But trill
encapsulated packets have not processed there. When i ran the Wireshark and
captured the outgoing traffic from sending side and incoming traffic from
receiving side. These encapsulated packets are shown as LLC packets on both
sending and receiving sides. I don't know why these packets are shown as
LLC.  I am trapped here. I have no idea , what should i do now.
I need some help, suggestion or tactics to resolve this problem.

Mohsin Kazmi
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