[Bridge] setfd

Christopher Cole cole at coledd.com
Tue Jan 31 16:40:19 UTC 2012

I have a bridge working between a wired Ethernet and a Wifi interface.  
However, it takes 80 seconds before it actually starts passing data.  I 
tried to reduce this learning delay by minimizing the forwarding delay:

 brctl setfd br0 0

But the above has zero effect on the 80 second delay before participation.  
I have tried with both STP on and off, and there is no difference.  What am 
I doing wrong?

Also, how can I get the current setting of forwarding delay and other 
bridge parameters that the brctl utility allows me to set?  Why doesn't the 
brctl utility have a 'get' corollary for each 'set' command?  For example, 
I would like to see a 'getfd' command added to the brctl utility.  


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