[Bridge] [PATCH RFCv3 0/4] batman-adv: Unicasting multicast reports to querier-node only

Linus Lüssing linus.luessing at c0d3.blue
Tue Apr 7 19:57:28 UTC 2015

The last round of multicast patches send to the batman-adv mailinglist
to add support for the multicast optimizations in bridged scenarios, too,
unfortunately had one major conceptual flaw: It could lead to packet loss.
It's not sufficient to have the unicasting of reports implemented on
bridge-nodes only. Nodes without bridges need to treat reports the same

The issue is described in detail here:


I'd also be interested in what the netdev/bridge people think about
patches #1 and #2 in particular, therefore including the according mailinglists

Cheers, Linus


 * Adding Kconfig-depends and #if's
   (so basically adding similar dependancy constraints as the bridge code
    has, except that there are no depends if batman-adv gets compiled without
    multicast optimizations)
   -> the case of IPv6=M and batman-adv=y is still impossible if multicast
      optimizations are enabled; but I don't see the practical demand for that
      either - people who use IPv6 as a module will probably also want to
      use batman-adv as a module
 * various bugfixes (now runtime tested, too - should(tm) work)
 * added netdev+bridge mailinglists

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