[Bridge] [PATCH net-next v3 0/8] net: Get rid of switchdev_port_attr_get()

Florian Fainelli f.fainelli at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 00:58:18 UTC 2019

Hi all,

This patch series splits the removal of the switchdev_ops that was
proposed a few times before and first tackles the easy part which is the
removal of the single call to switchdev_port_attr_get() within the
bridge code.

As suggestd by Ido, this patch series adds a
context as the caller of switchdev_port_attr_set(), so not deferred, and
then the operation is carried out in deferred context with setting a
support bridge port flag.

Follow-up patches will do the switchdev_ops removal after introducing
the proper helpers for the switchdev blocking notifier to work across
stacked devices (unlike the previous submissions).

David this does depend on Russell's "[PATCH net-next v5 0/3] net: dsa:
mv88e6xxx: fix IPv6".

Changes in v3:

- rebased against net-next/master after Russell's IPv6 changes to DSA
- ignore prepare/commit phase for PRE_BRIDGE_FLAGS since we don't
  want to trigger the WARN() in net/switchdev/switchdev.c in the commit

Changes in v2:

- differentiate callers not supporting switchdev_port_attr_set() from
  the driver not being able to support specific bridge flags

- pass "mask" instead of "flags" for the PRE_BRIDGE_FLAGS check

- skip prepare phase for PRE_BRIDGE_FLAGS

- corrected documentation a bit more

- tested bridge_vlan_aware.sh with veth/VRF

Florian Fainelli (8):
  net: switchdev: Add PORT_PRE_BRIDGE_FLAGS
  mlxsw: spectrum: Handle PORT_PRE_BRIDGE_FLAGS
  staging: fsl-dpaa2: ethsw: Handle PORT_PRE_BRIDGE_FLAGS
  net: dsa: Add setter for SWITCHDEV_ATTR_ID_PORT_BRIDGE_FLAGS
  rocker: Check Handle PORT_PRE_BRIDGE_FLAGS
  net: bridge: Stop calling switchdev_port_attr_get()
  net: Get rid of switchdev_port_attr_get()

 Documentation/networking/switchdev.txt        |  6 +-
 .../mellanox/mlxsw/spectrum_switchdev.c       | 32 ++++----
 drivers/net/ethernet/rocker/rocker_main.c     | 74 ++++++++++---------
 drivers/staging/fsl-dpaa2/ethsw/ethsw.c       | 29 ++++----
 include/net/switchdev.h                       | 13 +---
 net/bridge/br_switchdev.c                     | 11 ++-
 net/dsa/dsa_priv.h                            |  2 +
 net/dsa/port.c                                | 12 +++
 net/dsa/slave.c                               | 25 +------
 9 files changed, 98 insertions(+), 106 deletions(-)


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