[Bridge] [PATCH] net: bridge: Allow bridge to joing multicast groups

Ido Schimmel idosch at idosch.org
Tue Jul 30 10:04:16 UTC 2019

On Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 10:30:28AM +0200, Allan W. Nielsen wrote:
> The 07/30/2019 10:06, Ido Schimmel wrote:
> > As a bonus, existing drivers could benefit from it, as MDB entries are already
> > notified by MAC.
> Not sure I follow. When FDB entries are added, it also generates notification
> events.

I meant the switchdev notification sent to drivers:

struct switchdev_obj_port_mdb {
	struct switchdev_obj obj;
	unsigned char addr[ETH_ALEN];
	u16 vid;

By extending MDB entries to also be keyed by MAC you basically get a lot
of things for free without duplicating the same code for multicast FDBs.

AFAICS, then only change in the fast path is in br_mdb_get() where you
need to use DMAC as key in case Ethertype is not IPv4/IPv6.

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