[Bridge] Split path for packets, and bridge configuration problem.

John Clark jeclark2006 at aim.com
Wed Jul 31 18:55:37 UTC 2019

I’m trying to configure a Linux system to bridge an ethernet link for packet ingress from a local network and combine that with a radio link for the reply packet egress.

I vaguely recall something like this use to be used for Satellite links, where the incoming packets from the outside world were via the Sat link, but outgoing packets were via a terrestrial link, phone modem or DSL, depending.

What I have working is the packet entering the bridge on the ethernet link, then I see the MAC address of the node from the in the ‘bridge show’ output, but even if I assign the MAC address to the ‘radio’ tap interface, I see both the ‘ethernet’ port as ‘master’, and the tap device as ‘self’, but no packets are sent to the tap device.

In the past I’ve just written user apps that basically implement tunnels and using collection of such apps and taps, gotten packets to where I need them to be.

I was trying to use more standard tools, and not write more custom code.

Thanks for any assistance.
John Clark.

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