[Bridge] linux-next: umh: fix processed error when UMH_WAIT_PROC is used seems to break linux bridge on s390x (bisected)

Christian Borntraeger borntraeger at de.ibm.com
Wed Jul 1 16:03:28 UTC 2020

On 01.07.20 17:58, Luis Chamberlain wrote:

>>> Ah, well that would be a different fix required, becuase again,
>>> br_stp_start() does not untangle the correct error today really.
>>> I also I think it would be odd odd that SIGSEGV or another signal 
>>> is what was terminating Christian's bridge stp call, but let's
>>> find out!
>>> Note we pass 0 to the options to wait so the mistake here could indeed
>>> be that we did not need KWIFSIGNALED(). I was afraid of this prospect...
>>> as it other implications.
>>> It means we either *open code* all callers, or we handle this in a
>>> unified way on the umh. And if we do handle this in a unified way, it
>>> then begs the question as to *what* do we pass for the signals case and
>>> continued case. Below we just pass the signal, and treat continued as
>>> OK, but treating continued as OK would also be a *new* change as well.
>>> For instance (this goes just boot tested, but Christian if you can
>>> try this as well that would be appreciated):
>> Does not help, the bridge stays in DOWN state. 
> OK thanks for testing, that was fast! Does your code go through the
> STP kernel path or userpath? If it is taking the STP kernel path
> then this is not the real culprit to your issue then.

I have no idea and I cannot look into this right now. I can test
patches as compile,reboot and test is almost no effort.

FWIW, this is just the network of a KVM guest of libvirts default network
no longer working, maybe you can reproduce this on x86 as well?

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