[Bridge] [PATCH net-next v2 00/15] net: bridge: mcast: initial IGMPv3 support (part 1)

David Miller davem at davemloft.net
Wed Sep 2 19:58:46 UTC 2020

From: Nikolay Aleksandrov <nikolay at cumulusnetworks.com>
Date: Wed,  2 Sep 2020 14:25:14 +0300

> Here're the sets that will come next (in order):
>  - Fast path patch-set which adds support for (S, G) mdb entries needed
>    for IGMPv3 forwarding, entry add source (kernel, user-space etc)
>    needed for IGMPv3 entry management, entry block mode needed for
>    IGMPv3 exclude mode. This set will also add iproute2 support for
>    manipulating and showing all the new state.
>  - Selftests patch-set which will verify all IGMPv3 state transitions
>    and forwarding
>  - Explicit host tracking patch-set, needed for proper fast leave and
>    with it fast leave will be enabled for IGMPv3
> Not implemented yet:
>  - Host IGMPv3 support (currently we handle only join/leave as before)
>  - Proper other querier source timer and value updates
>  - IGMPv3/v2 compat (I have a few rough patches for this one)

What about ipv6 support?  The first thing I notice when reading these
patches is the source filter code only supports ipv4.

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