[Bugme-janitors] [Bug 9511] RTC 'hwclock' causes system freeze

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Thu Dec 13 18:49:05 PST 2007


------- Comment #10 from dpreed at reed.com  2007-12-13 18:49 -------
On my AMD64x2 machine, I discovered the cause is the "outb" to port 0x80 done
in the inb_p calls used in the CMOS_READ and CMOS_WRITE macros.  I am
submitting a patch to fix this, at least on x86_64 builds.

There is some controversy about the best patch.  But a simple partial fix is
just to change inb_p and outb_p to the variants without the _p in those macros,
found in include/asm/mc146818rtc_64.h.

The full fix involves changing include/asm/ioport_64.h to use udelay instead of
the "out" instruction.

(similar fixes apply to the 32-bit architectures, but there one must be
concerned about legacy machines)

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