[Bugme-janitors] [Bug 9182] Critical memory leak (dirty pages)

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Wed Dec 19 12:25:37 PST 2007


------- Comment #55 from mingo at elte.hu  2007-12-19 12:25 -------

* Linus Torvalds <torvalds at linux-foundation.org> wrote:

> Anyway, I think the fixups I added to __remove_from_page_cache() seem 
> to continually become a better idea, considering that we let the 
> filesystem mess around with the page in between, and if the filesystem 
> messes with the dirty bits, it really means that the VM shouldn't just 
> rely on it remaining clean.

might make sense to make the printout dependent on CONFIG_DEBUG_VM and 
turn it into a simple WARN_ON_ONCE(). That way we could map the range of 
filesystems that are affected by this, without inconveniencing users. 
(and could then decide whether the VM wants to tolerate this or not.)

[ or perhaps make it a single, unconditional WARN_ON_ONCE() in,
  kerneloops.org would then pick it up and we'd have the info. ]


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