[Ce-android-mainline] ram console

Shuah Khan shuahkhan at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 18:08:02 UTC 2012

Thanks for the feedback and good discussion. It helps me understand the use
cases for this feature in the field. Based on what I heard so far
(Thanks Tim, Todd, and Colin for your input), my proposal to use
ram-oops and pstore will not be a complete solution to cover all the cases.

Hence, with the new information, here is the going forward plan proposal,

- Socialize the idea to include ram console in the mainline on lkml
  (after testing ram console on 3.3 and 3.2.1 stable.) with the goal to
move ram console from staging area into the mainline driver area.
- Once ram console gets into main driver area, refactoring persistent
storage out of the ramconsole driver could be pursued, as the current use
cases for this feature are of development nature if I understood what Colin
said correctly.

Hope this plan sounds like the right next step.

-- Shuah
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