[cgl_discussion] Next face-to-face

Peter Badovinatz tabmowzo at us.ibm.com
Fri Apr 12 13:37:41 PDT 2002

John Cherry wrote:
> This would have been a good topic for the Tuesday meeting.  It would be
> a good thing to do a staw poll to determine if we will have quorum for
> Finland, June 17-19.  So far, we have Nokia and OSDL (assuming board
> approval to vote).

I have submitted a travel request for this, and cannot state until I
have approvals (management - my manager say ok, financial dept - unknown
for now).

HOWEVER, June 17-19 is MISERABLE for me.  I must be in Oregon on
Saturday, June 15, to attend a wedding, meaning I can't leave until the
16th, that does allow me to arrive in Helsinki blinking early Monday
morning, then I MUST be back in Oregon the evening of June 19th so I can
prepare to travel for my own wedding (June 22).

Pulling the FtoF ahead one week (June 10-12) OR moving it to an easier
travel location (e.g., California) makes my life much nicer.  Moving the
date ahead one week doesn't affect my travel approvals, assuming I get
them all.

> Nokia - yes
> OSDL - yes
> HP - sounds like Khalid is out
> Alcatel - ?
> Cisco - ?
> IBM - ?
> Intel - ?
> MontaVista - ?
> Red Hat - ?
> John

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