[cgl_discussion] Architecture meeting minutes - 4/23

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Tue Apr 23 14:40:01 PDT 2002

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Architecture Team Meeting
April 23, 2002

Pradeep (Cisco)
Jim (Intel)
John (OSDL)

Not attending

- Scope document
   - Sent out for review and comments have been coming back.
   - AI (Pradeep): Send scope document to Dave for tech writer

- Architecture doc
   - No written feedback came in for the outline
   - Jim and John both believe the outline is OK and reflects
     what we discussed at the face to face.

- Validation
   Discussed Craig's request for a metric for measuring availability.
   The current metric is DPM (defects per million).  However, in a
   five 9s or six 9s environment, this would take considerable time.
   Availability must take into account MTBF of the hardware, the
   MTBF of the software, and the recovery time for each of these
   failures.  HW failure rates can be calculated.  SW failure rates
   can be approximated based on past data.  To complete the picture,
   recovery times should be measured.  To force recovery situations,
   the system must be capable of fault insertion (simulating hardware
   failures, software panics, etc.).

   AI (Pradeep) - Talk to Cisco marketing about an availability
                  model that we could leverage.

- Requirements Review
   - Missing items
      - Individual processes must be able to access >4G memory
      - Too many priority 1 items
      - Too many items are listed which will be addressed in
	  - Application heartbeat monitoring
	  - Checkpointing
      - Assumes a single system model, not clustered.
      - MIBs to manage the kernel.
      - MIBs for resource monitoring.
      - CIM referenced similarly to SNMP
   - New specs
      - Focus on priority 1 requirements
      - Focus on items that are known to have no specs
      - Specs needed:
         - Requirement 50: Linux panic handler enhancement
	 - Requirement 120: Real time support performance.  Need to
	                    specify scheduler tunables

- AI (Pradeep): Schedule attendence at the requirements group meeting
                on Monday to talk about requirement review items.

Issue: Very low attendence at architecture subgroup meetings.  This
       group should have active participation from all companies
       represented in the TB.

AI (Pradeep): Raise the architecture subgroup involvement issue with
              Mika and the TB.

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