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Mika Kukkonen mika.r.kukkonen at nokia.com
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Minutes of the TB meeting on Tuesday.

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Technical Board Minutes 23. Apr. 2002, 16-17:30 GMT

Cisco - Karl, Pradeep
HP - Khalid
IBM - Peter
Intel - Imad, Rusty, Terence
Nokia - Ville (secretary)
OSDL - Dave, John, Mika (chair)

No formal agenda, just a catch-up session on the face-to-face meeting of steering committee / marketing group last week in Oregon.  Presented by Imad, who participated there as an observer.  

No minutes from that meeting yet - but they are supposed to contain a lot of action items especially for subgroup chairs.

Marketing requirements do not exist at the moment - a joint meeting (lockdown) between marketing and requirements groups is to be organized in the near future (originally in two weeks) hosted by HP in Ft. Collins, CO.  The aim of that meeting is to prioritize and concretize the current requirements as they are perceived to be too vague at the moment.  A marketing requirements document (MRD) is being worked on at the same time.  
However, it seems that the MRD has fallen back on our lap, the original key customers, the TEMs (being Nokia / Alcatel / Cisco) are supposed to give input on this.  Being worked on by Mika - lots of buzzwords were thrown about (availability, OS capabilities, capacities etc [someone from that meeting ought to have a full list].  

There were three presentations whose slides have not been distributed yet - Imad will take care of this as soon as it is OK'd.  

Steve Geary (HP) gave a presentation on fragmentation avoidance.  The key idea is to have a trademarked entity called Carrier Grade Linux Enhancement.  CGLE is to consist of the kernel and a couple of core libraries.  Basically it is equivalent to the platform that is used by *all* customers.  Features that are used by a subset would lead to fragmentation as they would prioritize the contents very differently.  As CGLE is smaller in scope than the "full" CGL, it is somewhat easier to check against and certify.  Indeed, a CGLE-compliant "stamp" would be given to distros that comply with the requirements.  

Scott McNeil (FSG) spoke about LSB.  Key topic was certifiability (requirements must be testable).  At the moment LSB is a monolithic spec that includes things that do not make sense in CGL environment (the most glaring example being the mandatory X-windows).  Modularization of the standard may happen, but the scenarios presented were not that comforting:
  LSB - X = CGL -> was not liked by Scott, 
  LSB + Y = CGL -> was better, but not to *our* liking.  
There's a meeting regarding LSB in Ottawa - several CGL members are going to attend the event (at least Randy, Imad & Mika).  Discussions related to LSB (esp. to validation) should be started in advance however.  Rusty has been involved in this.  
As of now, LSB test cases cover a mere 10% of the actual standard.  This will not increase in LSB 1.1 timeframe - but may do so in later releases.  One problem regarding this is that FSG hasn't got that much staff and they expect resources from us.  
Tim has a list of exceptions to the LSB - this should be included in the requiremenst specification.  

Andy Wilson (Intel) had two topics to cover:
TLT (Telecom Linux Technology) project - Intel's pre-OSDL effort will converge with CGL 1.0 ASAP.  This is not a distro by itself, but either built on-top of an installation or patched into it [this is guessing].  MontaVista includes this in the MontaVistaLinux Carrier Grade Edition.  To avoid fragmentation b/w this and CGL the covergence is a must.  

carrierlinux.org is Intel's OS development infrastructure (used to develop TLT at the moment) and it too will be folded into the OSDL effort.  Has validation and configuratio management elements as well.  Automated as much as possible.  Lots of people from multiple timezones working on this.  The infra will be taken into use by OSDL [donated?] - the tentative name for this is build.osdl.org, but the name provoked a lot of discussion so this is probably not the final name (it is not just a build-tool).  

Regarding filtering...  About 80% of TLT content should be OK in CGL.  This must be ratified with SG chairs as well as the RC.  NDAs are a problem at the moment, but this will disappear along with the TLT-name.  Everything is under an OSDL-approved license.  

According to Imad, carrierlinux website is being cleaned up right now, and should be opened up in a week.  

The next face-to-face will be combined into the req's lockdown on 20-22.5.2002.  In Fort Collins, CO., hosted by HP.  

Tech writers are available.  Arch and reqs groups seem to have uses for them.  Talk to Dave for details.  

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