[cgl_discussion] Participating in this endeavor

Scott E.Young syoung at linuxss.com
Mon Apr 29 10:07:11 PDT 2002


My name is Scott Young, and I am interested in partcipating with this 
project in some way. I have two areas of vested interest in the success 
of something like a "Carrier Grade Linux". First, I am employed at SBC 
Communications as an Area Manager - NMA Software Solutions, and second I 
own and operate a small consulting company - Linux Software Solutions. As 
a telecommunications specialist with extensive background in areas of 
both telephony and OSS (Operational Support Systems), I feel that I could 
provide some small benefit to this project. With so much relevance to 
both my telco industry career and passion for using & promoting "Linux", 
this project just seems like a natural fit.

I just recently heard about the project through the Linux Journal 
magazine, and thought I would see if there are any areas open to my 
skills and expertise. So for now I thought I would simply announce my 
interest and continue to follow the mailing list posts.

I can be contacted by email at syoung at linuxss.com.

Scott E. Young
Linux Software Solutions
syoung at linuxss.com

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