[cgl_discussion] [cgl_valid] Simulating a system failure to force a filesystem rec overy

Fleischer, Julie N julie.n.fleischer at intel.com
Wed Aug 7 09:55:00 PDT 2002

Validation -
As part of testing a resilient file system, I want a test case where I am
sure that I have simulated a system failure so that on startup fsck (I
believe) must be performed.  In addition, it would be even better if that
fsck could have to repair something (i.e., the system failure happened in
the middle of a logical write).

Does anyone know how I can do this reliably?

Some possible solutions are:
- Use something like the watchdog timer to reset the hardware. ==> Do you
know if this will cause the system to think there was a system failure and
an fsck must be performed?  Is there a way I can get this to happen in the
middle of a logical write?
- Cause a system crash as is done by things like kernel dump testing (ex.
insert a module that crashes the system). ==> It seems like this can cause
the system to run fsck.  Again, not sure how to guarantee this happens in
the middle of a logical write, though.

If anyone has more information on how I could do this, it would be greatly

- Julie

Julie Fleischer
Intel Corporation
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* julie.n.fleischer at intel.com

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