[cgl_discussion] [CGLE 1.0] Release Coordination Meeting Minutes - 8/21/02

Peddibhotla, Rammohan rammohan.peddibhotla at intel.com
Thu Aug 22 14:03:40 PDT 2002

CGLE 1.0 Release Coordination Meeting Minutes- 8/21/02


Khalid Aziz, Terence Chen, John Cherry, Randy Dunlap, Julie Fliescher, Mika
Kukkonen, Ville Lavonius, 
Rusty Lynch, Ram Peddibhotla, Lisa Perry, Andy Pfiffer, Tariq Shureih, Imad
Sousou, Mauri Whalen, 
Tim Witham

Summary of Discussion:

- Finalized a permanent timeslot for this meeting from 8:30 - 10:00 am PDT
every Thursday. Lisa to send
  out dial in logistics to cgl_proof_subgroup list

- Reviewed and finalized the draft CGLE 1.0 milestone plan. Agreed to call
out project ownership and add 
  separate line items for ABAT (Automated Basic Accpetance Tests) to
milestone M2 and M3. This 
  milestone plan will be used to track CGLE 1.0 progress and be posted.
Milestone plan calls for M3
  (Feature freeze; beta) completion on 10/15/02, followed by M4 (Validation
complete; code freeze) on 
  12/31/02 and M5 (Release) on 1/15/03.

- Lisa to create and maintain a document that captures the status of open
source maintainer engagement
  of all CGLE 1.0 projects. This document will be posted to
developer.osdl.org and be reviewed in this 
  meeting periodically.

- Finalized a rep per company to represent status & issues from all project
maintainers from that compnay.
  Reps are: Larry Butler (HP), Terence Chen (Intel), John Cherry (OSDL),
Venkat Jagana (IBM), Johannes
  Jaskari (Nokia). Ram to contact MontaVista for confirmation on who the rep
would be.

- Source tree bring up on developer.osdl.org is done. A diff file between
the integrated tree and pristine
  2.4.18 kernel is available through Tariq and/or Khalid. Tree is currently
locked pending a sanity check. 
 Completion of sanity check is the deliverable for milestone M2. In order to
complete M2, each project 
 maintainer of M2 line items to: 
     * Identify his/her patch in the patches directory
     * Reference which CGLE 1.0 requirement the patch implements
     * Reference which CGLE 1.0 architecture specification the patch
     * Optionally locate code relating to the patch in the diff file.
     * Send above info the PoC Chair (Khalid) and PoC Maintainer (Randy)
  Lisa and Ram to follow up with company representatives on status of sanity
check completion. Due date
  for M2 is 8/30.

- A few CGLE 1.0 projects do not yet have project maintainers assigned to
them. We need this assignment
  done by end of this week in order to successfully meet M2. Lisa and Ram to
follow up on getting this

- Discussed process for assigning validation maintainers for CGLE 1.0.
Validation chair (Rusty) to take a 
  first stab of obtaining volunteers through cgl_tech_all and cgl_discussion
lists. Results will be reviewed in 
  this meeting next week and this topic will be escalated to the steering
committe if resources are not 
  signed up adequately. Deadline for validation resource finalization is
8/30 in order to minimize risk for 
  milestone M3.

- Opens: 
  * Khalid to post list of project maintainers to developer.osdl.org
  * Two maintainers (Geoff, Andrea) currently have 3 or more projects on
their plate. Khalid to investigate 
    if additional resources can be brought in to reduce the project count of
these maintainers.

- ARs:
  * Ram: Finalize MontaVista representative to this meeting
  * Ram, Lisa: Finalize remaining opens on development project maintainers.
  * Ram, Lisa: Fllow up on M2 sanity check progress

Proposed agenda for next week's meeting:

- 08:30 - 09:00 am  CGLE 1.0 milestone M2 status
- 09:00 - 09:40 am  Validation maintainer assignment review and next steps
- 09:40 - 10:00 am  Opens & ARs

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