[cgl_discussion] Request for participation in the creation of the validation suite s

Lynch, Rusty rusty.lynch at intel.com
Thu Aug 22 18:01:53 PDT 2002

For every priority #1 requirement in the requirements document, we are
creating a validation suite that conforms to the V1.0 validation framework
specification.  Now that we have designated program managers with a tracked
milestone plan, we have a need for people to take ownership or be a
contributor for each of the validation suites.  Basically, each validation
suite will have a single owner.  The owner:
* Creates a test plan and submits it to review by (at least) the validation
team =

* Owns the code base for that suite, reviews/accepts/denies patches from
* Works with the program managers (Ram & Lisa) to report status and

If the suite originates from an external project (like the Linux Test
Project or whatever), the maintainer is also responsible for working with
the original project maintainer to:
* Submit patches (if any) back to the original project
* Feed bug reports back to the original project

We also need to run the validation suites against CGLE when CGLE is ready
for it.  The validation team has not yet determined how this is going to
work, but I can say that it is not the responsibility of the validation
suite maintainer to run the suite.  (If you would like to be part of the
testing activities then speak up, and we will include you in on the

If you take a look at the current milestone plan, you will see a list of the
validation suites.  For just about everyone of these suites there is an
opportunity to be the maintainer, or to be a contributor that works with the
maintainer.  Just reply to this list if you are interested.




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