[cgl_discussion] Proposal for disconnecting release numbers from continuous builds

Lynch, Rusty rusty.lynch at intel.com
Thu Aug 29 11:00:10 PDT 2002

When you look at the continuous builds at
http://tinderbox.developer.osdl.org/Builds/status.html or the packages that
are the output of the build at http://builds.developer.osdl.org/index.php,
the version of the build and the build number is called out.

For example, on 08-27-2002 at 14:34:39 there was a build that is titled
"CGLE 1.0 - Build21".  Unless we plan on having multiple development threads
for 1.X and 2.X implementations of the requirements, the concept of a
version number doesn't mean anything in this scope.  The build is just
building the latest code.  When the code will be considered ready for
release and what name we want to attach to that code doesn't change the fact
that this is just a build from the source tree at a given point in time.

I would like all of our continuous build output to be identified by just a
build number and reference to when the build happened.  This would decouple
the build process from debates on what the release name is.  For example,
the title that you would see on http://builds.developer.osdl.org/index.php
would change from  "CGLE 1.0 - Build 21 - 08-27-2002 14:34:39" to " CGLE
Build 21 - 08-27-2002 14:34:39".  Maybe the bits will become eventually be
released as CGLE 1.0 or CGLE 1.0.1 or who knows.  Why force the build system
to understand our release naming convention?

BTW, the builds page could still have a "stable" and "development" section.


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