[cgl_discussion] [CGLE 1.0] Release Coordination Meeting Minutes - 8/29/02

Peddibhotla, Rammohan rammohan.peddibhotla at intel.com
Thu Aug 29 19:01:06 PDT 2002

CGLE 1.0 Release Coordination Meeting Minutes- 8/29/02


Khalid Aziz, Peter Badovinatz, Terence Chen, John Cherry, Mark Haverkamp, 
Sandy Hoag, Venkat Jagana, Johannes Jaskari, Mika Kukkonen,  Rusty Lynch, 
Ram Peddibhotla, Lisa Perry, Andy Pfeiffer, Tariq Shureih, Imad Sousou, 
Criag Thomas

Summary of Discussion:

- Milestone M2 (due 8/30):
   * Sanity check is in full swing and on track. 

   * Khalid to email sanity check template submissions to cgl_proof mailing
     for broader review.

   * Discussed if there is a potential issue with cryptographic APIs in
IPv6. Per 
     Venkat, US government recently lifted export restrictions on these
APIs, hence
     there might not be a problem. Mika and Venkat to close offline.

   * Discussed the discrepancy between evlog patch in the patches directory
     the code integrated into source tree. Per Tariq, what's in the source
tree is 
     2.4.17 evlog patch; he will update the patches directory with this one.

   * Agreed to unlock developer.osdl.org tree on 9/3. Per current trend, all
M2 items
     should be sanity checked by then. If there are any items that haven't 
     completed this step, those particular project maintainers will not be
given write
     permissions until the sanity check is complete.

   * Ram to email the latest M2 status to cgl_proof mailing list by EOD 8/30

- Discussed whether current application heartbeat implementation should be 
  included in CGLE 1.0. Due to the nature of this topic (picking an
  to use), it was forwarded to the full PoC for resolution.
  Offline update from the PoC is to keep the current implementation in CGLE

- Milestone M3 (due 10/15):
   * Walked through the validation items and assigned validation
maintainers. Items
     that are still open will be reviewed in next week's meeting to finalize

   * All validation maintainers need to sign up for cgl_valid_subgroup
mailing list.

   * Rusty to bring validation maintainers up to speed on the framework. If
     a phone conference will be held for this.

- Opens:
   * Application loading: Since this is a glibc patch, should this be
included in
     CGLE 1.0 or in a distro? Sandy to follow up on implications of adding
     patch to CGLE 1.0

- ARs:
   * Tariq: Update patches directory with 2.4.17 evlog patch.
   * Venkat: Is there still a government restriction on cryptographic APIs?
   * Mika: Follow up on whether we need to remove cryptographic APIs from
   * Sandy: Follow up on M2 sanity check items.
   * Sandy: Determine implications of adding application loading glibc

Proposed agenda for next week's meeting:

- 08:30 - 09:00 am  CGLE 1.0 milestone M2 status wrap up
- 09:00 - 09:40 am  CGLE 1.0 milestone M3 tracking
- 09:40 - 10:00 am  Opens & ARs

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