[cgl_discussion] [CGLE 1.0] Release Coordination Meeting Minutes - 8/29/02

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Fri Aug 30 15:50:24 PDT 2002

> Summary of Discussion:
> ==================
> - Milestone M2 (due 8/30):
>    * Sanity check is in full swing and on track. 

There are a couple of things that put the "on track" status in
jeophardy.  There were 10 items that did not have maintainer responses
yet.  I believe only two more have come in since Wednesday.  As we
discussed, this probably means that the view opens on Tuesday and the
maintainers that have not responded will not have access to the
repository.  As far as I know, the issues that you brought out are still
outstanding as well...

   - inclusion of cryptographic code
   - some patch/code discrepencies
   - some incomplete maintainer submissions
   - closure on application heartbeat implementation (this may be
     done, but not public yet)

Should we open the repository before the patch/code discrepencies are
resolved?  I would suggest that view consistency should be our highest
priority right now.  Opening the view would remove that focus.


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