[cgl_discussion] Fw: [announce] linux-2.5.51-dcl1

Rusty Lynch rusty at linux.co.intel.com
Tue Dec 10 15:34:53 PST 2002

 > You have it wrong there. This is Randy's kernel tree, and if you want
> something to be added there, you try to convince Randy to add it. But
> nothing stops you from deriving your own kernel tree from Randy's tree
> (that's why we are using BitKeeper), and add your patch to that, and use
> that anyway you like.

The one thing that would be pretty usefull, is if cgl participants 
could put up cgl derived bk trees on osdl machines.  Maybe there
is a better place root trees, but it seems like it would be appropriate.

I suspect a lot of participants do not have a good open domain
to open a tree at.


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