[cgl_discussion] CGL and DCL trees

Timothy D. Witham wookie at osdl.org
Wed Dec 11 08:39:31 PST 2002

> BTW, where did Tim say this?
It was at the Steering Face-2-Face meeting.


I'm sorry if there is some confusion on this but the
conversation (like most of them) assumed some prior
context.  And that is that the purpose of the {cgl,cgl}
trees are to be conduits for features to get into the
mainline.  This is to give a place were somebody can
pick up a good portion of the features that are not
in the kernel are try them all together.

The purpose is to give people who may not be kernel
savvy enough to resolve issues with applying multiple
patches that might require conflict resolution a
place to try there environment with these features.

Since the long term goal is to get as many of these
features/patches into the mainline the people maintaining
the patch trees (cgl,dcl) need to be the final
arbitrator of what goes into them. If a developer
wants to play with say the features + something
else they are working on there are all of the normal
ways to do that. Pull a tree from the base, osdl base,
cgl on any other tree. Work on your patches and then
either submit them to Linus, Alan or any of the rest
including Randy or Steve.

As for these trees intending to be the definitive trees
for the CGL and DCL projects.  That is true they are
intended to be the main trees.


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