[cgl_discussion] Validation Meeting Today (really :->)

Lynch, Rusty rusty.lynch at intel.com
Wed Dec 11 10:06:27 PST 2002

Start: Dec 11, 2002 13:00 Pacific Time
End: Dec 11, 2002 14:00 Pacific Time
Meeting Title: CGL Validation Meeting
Phone Number: 1-916-356-2663
Reservation #: 2
Passcode: 5692278

Ok, the validation team has really lost it's momentum since we dropped 
CGLE.  No doubt a lot of this was due to me since I have personally been
struggling with what our purpose is (and for me it's either I am a zealot
or, well, things get dropped :->)

Last weeks steering committee face-2-face meeting in NYC brought about some
clarification along with a new direction that I believe makes a lot more 
sense.  I would like to give a briefing of validation related
discussion/declarations in today's meeting.

Anyone who is interested in validation (and here is the big hint) or 
working with LSB futures to create a CGL module (don't worry Scott from
FSG was in the discussion) is welcomed to join the call.  If we happen
to spark some real interest and use up all the bridge lines, then email
me (rusty.lynch at intel.com) and I will get you in.

Rusty Lynch              
Staff Software Engineer,  Intel Corporation
rusty.lynch at intel.com

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