[cgl_discussion] CGL and DCL trees

Skip Ford skip.ford at verizon.net
Wed Dec 11 15:42:28 PST 2002

Mika Kukkonen wrote:
> One reason I like Randy is that he has taste _and_ guts to
> say to me that "this patch stinks, I am not going to include it".
> If I were to maintain cgl tree, being the mercenary I am, I would
> probably go for the "all" road and end up with a total disaster.

Just for the record, I like Randy also.  He has a good tree
and I don't disagree with how he's accepting specific patches.

I believe it's misnamed and I disagree with the direction, but his
management of the tree is great and he's excellent helping others on
lkml.  Stephen also is running a good tree with dcl.  I appreciate the
work they're both doing and I check out both tress occasionally.

All of my complaints are about where CGL will be 2 years from now with
the current direction.


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