[cgl_discussion] 12/12/02 Concall Minutes

Andy Pfiffer andyp at osdl.org
Thu Dec 12 11:06:41 PST 2002

POC Meeting Minutes
Dec. 12, 2002

	Andy (andyp at osdl.org)

	Nokia: Rod, Johannes
	Intel: Ram, Terrence
	IBM: Venkat
	OSDL: Andy, Mika, John, Mark, Randy

    Unscheduled Opens: None.

    From The Agenda
        > Update from F2F (Mika)
		- minutes have been published via email; some on call
		  did not receive it.
AR 12/12:	- Mikka will re-send.

	> Old Action Items

	    * Sistina LVM status (Rod)
		- Reports that Sistina wants to get users onto LVM2,
		  and off of LVM1.
		- 10's of K-users on LVM1, and at least some are pressing
		  the limits.
		- LVM2 considered stable, and nearly ready for formal
		  release; waiting for missing "pvmove" utility.
		  Once complete, will releas 1.0 LVM2.
		- Q: Randy: GPL or commericial
		- A: Rod/John: LVM1 == GPL, LVM2 == Unknown,
		     CVM (clustered): commercial
		- Q: is LVM2 a user-space thing? Kernel patch?
		- A: set of user tools, and a kernel component (maybe)
		     [unknown kernel version requirement]
AR 12/12:	- Rod w/ check & report on kernel requirements of LVM2
		  kernel component, if any.

	    * Lisa was to check on the possibility of patch set
	      for storage.
		- No update available during the meeting.

	    * Randy was going to report on a patch set for tools.
		- Randy/John: "safe to say 'Yes, we'll [OSDL] do that.'"
		- May be delivered in the OSDL patchset.
		- Randy/John:
		    currently includes:
			LKCD, probes, LTT
		    not currently included:
			kernel debugger
AR 12/12:	- John: will report what is/is-not included and report back.

	    * John: Jeff was looking at POSIX patch set...
		- Response: Terrence: status:
			1. Includes timer, signals, message queues.
			   not a "full posix" patch set.
			2. development is on track per plan.

		- Comment: Ram: feedback on LKML Re: open POSIX testing
		  was good.  The open project will be a repository for
			POSIX patch set as well as POSIX tests.
AR 12/12:	- Rod & Ram: will send summary info to andyp for inclusion
		  in this week's minutes.

	    * Johannes update on GPL & code at Nokia
		- "light green light, not yet a full green light"
		- working w/ Nokia legal on details, and waiting.

	    * Rod: update on "Feature Set 2 - Networking #1"
		- all features appear to be in 2.5 (pretty sure),
		   but not everything in 2.4.
AR 12/12:	- Rod: will double check the details report back.

	    * Get everyone back in gear.
		- Ram: will send out projects list.
		- Rod: re: patch sets
			 - need to keep beating the bushes for people
			   to sign up for features that they care about.

	    * Venkat: update on IPv6 (FS4, Net2)
		- core ipv6 features accepted into 2.4 and 2.5
		- not a replacement, is an add-on to existing ipv6
		  (ehancements, bugfixes).
		- re: ipsec for ipv6:
			1. submitted, but mainline networking
			   maintainers wanted to have a common
			   infrastructure for ipv4 and ipv6.
			2. ipsec for ipv4 exists in 2.5, but not for ipv6.
		- mobile ipv6 submitted, mainline maintainers waiting
		  for completion of common infrastructure (ipv4 & ipv6)
		  for ipsec.
		- maintainers agreeing to take two components with
		  some changes.

	    * Rod: current list of feature sets was approved at last
	       tech-board meeting.

	    * December Progress and Holiday plans
		- will have call: Dec. 19, 2002.
			0. review open AR's
			1. update project table.
			2. update status.
		- NO CALL: Dec. 26 2002
		- NO CALL: Jan.  2 2003

Old Open AR's
AR 11/21: Geoff - Follow up on the status (2.4 & 2.5) of POSIX-compliant
	  message queue interfaces.
AR 11/21: Team - feedback to Dave on Feature Set representation tool.
AR 11/21: Team - feedback to Rod on patch set strawman format/content.

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