[cgl_discussion] PoC: Feature set 6 - Tools

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Thu Dec 12 11:47:47 PST 2002

Feature set 6 is tools and is intended to contain the following:
   - Kernel dumps
   - Kernel dump targets
   - Kernel Summary Dump
   - Kernel Dump analysis
   - Dynamic DebugProbe Insertion and LTT
   - Kernel Debugger
   - Kernel Debugger authentication
   - Consolidated multithreaded core dump

The bitkeeper repository containing much of this is:
Note: module loading has changed in latest versions of 2.5 and
a new version of module utilities is required.  Available at:

Current contents of this repository are:

OSDL common enhancements:   patch-2.5.51-osdl1 (PLM patch #1029)

 . Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT)             (Karim Yaghmour)
 . Linux Kernel Crash Dumps              (Matt Robinson, LKCD team)
 .   Network crash dumps                 (Mohammed Abbas)
 . Kprobes                               (Rusty Russell)
 . Kernel Config storage                 (Khalid Aziz, Randy Dunlap)
 . Various patches needed to run         (shemminger and others)
   on STP hardware


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