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Neil Bliss nbliss at mvista.com
Thu Jul 18 12:27:48 PDT 2002


At this point, much of the work on CGL is happening in the TLT working group.
I'd expect to see a lot more activity in OSDL around the end of the year.

talk to you soon,


Once upon a time, Isabelle, Francois, then known as Francois.Isabelle, said...
> Hi,
>     I'm about to start testing and investigation on CGL, I wonder why the
> traffic is that low over here ? No post since May 2002 ?
> Has someone shutdown the OSDL ? Is the discussion taking place in technical
> subgroups only or is CGL/OSDN  simply dead ?
> Thank you
> Francois Isabelle
> Francois.Isabelle at ca.kontron.com
> Kontron Canada
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