[cgl_discussion] OSDL

Khalid Aziz khalid at fc.hp.com
Thu Jul 18 13:30:22 PDT 2002


There is no relationship between TLT working group and OSDL Carrier
Grade Linux Working Group. All of the OSDL CGL work is happening in OSDL
CGL subgroups. If Montavista has some other work going on in some sort
of working group, it is unrelated. There is a lot of activity going on
in OSDL subgroups.

Proof-of-Concept Subgroup Chair

Neil Bliss wrote:
> Francois,
> At this point, much of the work on CGL is happening in the TLT working group.
> I'd expect to see a lot more activity in OSDL around the end of the year.
> talk to you soon,
> Neil

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