[cgl_discussion] Agenda for tomorrow

Mika Kukkonen mika.r.kukkonen at nokia.com
Mon May 20 00:29:10 PDT 2002

- Website structure and requirements (Khalid)
   * see Khalid's mail for spec
- Discussion about PoC gap analysis (Khalid)
   * detailed plan with work estimates needed to SG
   * see Khalid's mail for draft spec
- Meeting with LSB in Ottawa: list of issues (Rusty)
   * Scott McNeil needs the list for discussion
- Subgroup status reports (SCs)
   * status of document deliverables (Pradeep & Peter)

Minutes from previous meeting attached (also uploaded
to PHP).

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Teleconference Meeting 5/14/2002:

Started meeting with a report from last face-to-face:

   The architecture group now has a good set of requirements to go forward
   Meeting was able to get marketing and the technical people together  to
   go through the applications and requirements and put a priority on each
   The requirement group have the lists of requirements, with a priority
   and target application for most
   Application were broken down into three categories
   Each requirement was then given out to different people in the group,
   for further refinement.  The comeback for the further refinement
   information is due back at the end of the week, 5/17
   MRB draft, from the Marketing group, should be ready for review by 5/28
   for final due on 6/4

Status Report from each Subgroup:

    Architecture - Pradeep (Cisco)
      Architecture Not waiting on MRB any longer, having the requirements,
      priority and applications allow the team to move forward
      Scope White Paper needs to cover full scope not just phase 1.  This
      means that things like clustering needs to be mention even though
      they are not a phase I item.
      Scope should not cover things such as hardware.  This document needs
      to be able to live for at least two years and things like hardware
      would date the document.  If you want to include that, put it in a
      Paper to be printed and passed out at Ottawa  - 5000 print run
      AR: Scope paper has missed it dates, need to have new dates for Dave
      at tomorrow morning Architecture meeting

   Requirements - Peter (IBM)
      All comments from the face-to-face has been incorporated into the
      Requirements document and has been posted
      Tech writer is fully engaged in creating a final document
      Updates are being added as people give in refinement information
      A new version will be ready to review on Monday's 5/20 Requirement
      Tim mentioned that at this time, we should NOT be changing any
      requirement priorities, there is a process to get priority or
      requirements changed

   Proof-of-Concept - Khalid (HP)
      Put out an initial information about the website.  Will update with
      comments he had receive and repost the information again
      Even items that look like that they "drop kick" into the product will
      still need a lot of work to get them in with other items
      AR: Mika requested a rough estimate by Wednesday evening the 5/15 of
      the scope of work getting a POC done will take in resources.  Agreed
      to by Khalid
      AR to Rusty from Steering community: Rusty needed to bring up filter
      process.  Answer was it will be done by the POC, but it is the third
      step.  Won't be done for a while
      Thursday morning 16th 8 - 9 AM PT will be a meeting to discuss
      requirements for the website

   Validation - Rusty (Intel)
      Working on the 0.5 Validation Specification paper.
      Engaging the writer today
      Sent a note for the tech board to review draft today
      Rusty will attend the Ottawa LSB face-to-face for CGL

Clustering Discussion:
   Nokia and CISCO state that Clustering needs to be in the scope of the
   product, even if it is not in release 1

General Documentation Information Given:
   All documentation need to be available on the OSDL website at least a
   week before Ottawa
   All documentation will be in PDF format
   Once the subgroup teams and the technical writer releases the different
   documents, Dave Fuller (OSDL) will get the documents into PDF form and
   up on the website

Mailing List Process Change:
   Have heard back from both IBM and Intel lawyers about the form that
   needs to be sign in order to get access to one of the mailing list.  But
   have not heard from any other company lawyers.
   Tim will go to his board on Thursday afternoon and get approval.  Once
   this is done there will be a new process
      All people who do not work for the core companies need to sign the
      In order to add them to a mailing list, owners of the form will need
      to check with Ann Spencer on if the person has signed the form
      Form will be available out on the website for people who are interest
      in joining can get to
      They will need to print the form, sign the form and get it into OSDL
      Once they do, you can add
      If they don't , you will not be able to add

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