[cgl_discussion] current CGL CVS without other homes

Randy.Dunlap rddunlap at osdl.org
Fri Nov 1 09:53:17 PST 2002

AR - Randy to send out a list of the projects in CGLE that he feels
     do not have open source homes. Target: 11/4

Here's my CGLE possible-homeless list.  It's just an educated guess.

If you know of any of these that have open source homes,
please tell us where they are.  Some of them could be embedded
inside other more well-known projects.

And if you know of any other current CGL CVS contents that
do not have an open source home, please say that also.

1.2.3/P1 Posix Message Queue Interface -- Core 1.1
1.2.3	POSIX Message Queues and Semaphores (Geoff Gustafson/Intel)

1.2.4/P1 Posix Semaphore Interface -- Core 1.1
1.2.4	POSIX Message Queues and Semaphores (Geoff Gustafson/Intel)

2.3/P1 Boot cycle -- Config 1.1
2.3	Boot Cycle Detection:  non-kernel (Geoff Gustafson/Intel)

3.2.1/P1 Watchdog -- Core 1.1
3.2.1	Watchdog Timer w/ IPMI (Andrea Brugger or Ben Cahill ?/Intel)

4.5/P1 Platform signal handler -- Core 1.1
4.5	Platform Signal Handler:  add MCA (Venkatesh Pallipadi/Intel)

5.1/P1 User level (gdb) debug support for threads -- Core 1.1
5.1	User-level (gdb) thread support (David Howell/Intel)

5.3.2/P2 Kernel Debugger Authentication -- Config 1.1
	kdb authentication (Larry Butler/HP)

5.8/P2 Multi-Thread Coredump -- Core 1.1
5.8	Multi-threaded core dump (TCore) (Mark Gross/Intel)

6.3/P1 Application loading -- Config 1.1
6.3	Memory Locking aka Application Loading: non-kernel (Corey Minyard/MV)

6.10/P2 Selectable scheduler policies -- Config 1.1


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