[cgl_discussion] LKCD, kernel dumping in general

Peter Badovinatz tabmowzo at us.ibm.com
Wed Nov 6 12:10:37 PST 2002

A late Tuesday slashdot posting at:


leads into Linus' patch philosophy on lkml at


but the interesting thing is that this thread is keyed off of an LKCD
discussion.  As CGL is very concerned with kernel dumping,an interesting

A key thing to take from this is the idea from Linus that seeing
discussion of USE of kernel dumps to solve real problems on lkml would
be a way to convince him such a feature belongs in the base.  In
addition, to quote from Linus' email:

  -If it doesn't have to happen in my tree, then whose tree _does_ it
   to happen in? 

   Doesn't much matter, actually. You can keep it in your tree, for all
   care. OSDL has already picked it up and apparently maintains it in 
   their tree. The only thing that matters is whether it gets used or
   and whether it proves itself. 

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