[cgl_discussion] minutes of PoC concall

Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com
Thu Nov 7 10:51:03 PST 2002

(not a formal set of minutes, just my notes.  If you want
better ones, volunteer to take them :-).

Move the call time to 8:30-9:30.

Randy to check on new bridge.

John's developer revamp proposal approved.

Ram's patch sets/projects docs -- these don't define a feature set,
that is somewhere else.  CGL projects will be SourceForge or somewhere

Ram will take the first cut at populating these docs, starting with
projects doc, before next week's meeting.

Patch sets doc will be a reactive doc, as patch sets show up they'll
get added.

Tariq has already shut down CVS on developer, he will be contact to
retrieve things that need to be done.  He will give them a tarball and
help them find a home (e.g. sourceforge).

Read access only through the web is still up.  That will go away soon,

mini-HOWTO on how to be a PS maintainer might be project-specific.

Johannes on HDI -- at the moment, it's under MontaVista.  Only for
ethernet right now.  Johannes wants to know if CGL will take Nokia's
proposal for HDI.

Rusty: need more clarity on requirement v. implementation.  PS is to
make sure a set of things play well together.

Johannes should first establish an open source project, then find the
Feature Set that HDI should be part of.  He should find a maintainer
of an appropriate patch set, and ask for his project to be included in
that PS.  If that maintainer doesn't like it, then Johannes can create
a new instance of the FS as a new PS.  If he thinks HDI doesn't really
belong with the other features in the FS, then he can propose to split
the FS.

Mika: By December 4, this should all be running smoothly.  New
developer will go up in a couple of weeks, so we should have FSes
defined by then.


* By Monday, rdv will propose next steps on defining and tracking
  FSes and getting them ready for new developer.
* Ram to populate project list.

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