Feature Sets: RE: [cgl_discussion] minutes of PoC concall

Skip Ford skip.ford at verizon.net
Fri Nov 8 07:01:33 PST 2002

Rod.VanMeter at nokia.com wrote:
>   FS6: "Tools":
>   ------------------
>    * GDB support for threads
>    * Dprobes
>    * LTT
>    * kdb & kgdb
>    * kernel dump & analysis

Ok, so given that you're moving away from specific
implementations of features, FS6 just doesn't look right.

Three of those aren't features at all.  Those names listed are actually
names of implementations, not of features (Dprobes, LTT, kdb/kgdb.)

>   FS9: "HA SW":
>   -------------------
>    * Event logging
>    * Resource monitor
>    * Appl. heartbeat monitor

Same with heartbeat monitor.  That's the name of an implementation
of an unstated feature as are LTT and Dprobes above.  (I know what the
intended features are, they're just not stated.  I don't know if I could
state them in 3 words or less though ;)

> I suspect that as we start to map requirements and projects onto this,
> a couple of them (e.g., scalability) will start to look funny.

I think I understand now where you're heading.  If I'm right, then
cgl_hackers (or developers) isn't going to see much traffic.  And
shortly, you'll release a project list that points to new
sourceforge homes (with presumably their own developer mailing-lists.)
Is that correct?


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